Filming Rules & Requirements

First and most importantly – If Kitty says NO to any requests, and that initial no is met with resistance – THE SHOOT ENDS IMMEDIATELY – you will forfeit any costs involved in the arranged shoot.

Condoms will be used at all times. – The only circumstance in which a condom can not be used is when a full STD screen has been conducted with inclusion of a doctor’s stamp verifying your government ID to prove your negative status.

Kitty reserves the right to be accompanied by a person of her choosing as her personal assistant, videographer or security.

Kitty reserves the right to end the shoot at any point, with no reason required to be given. There will be no sex acts performed ‘off camera’.

You will be required to provide copies of your Government ID (front & back, and a photo of you holding it next to your face)

You will be required to sign consent forms related to the ownership of rights of any content created during the arranged shoot.

A discussion will take place about the details of the scene before filming commences. All acts and positions should be discussed and mutually agreed upon.

No forceful or rough acts will be permitted during filming, unless explicitly discussed and mutually agreed upon prior to commencement.

All personal boundaries should be discussed prior to commencing, these boundaries will be respected the entire length of the shoot.

If you are unable to ejaculate in a reasonable time frame, a substitute for this will be provided. It is not a requirement that you ejaculate during the scene, and it is not Kitty’s responsibility for you to ejaculate.

Your Responsibilities:

    • To arrive on time
    • To arrive sober and fit for work
    • To gain and maintain an erection during filming
    • To be respectful and professional at all times
    • To follow the discussed details and direction of the scene

The reason for such strict rules and requirements is so that all arranged shoots operate safely and efficiently, with all parties involved consenting to all acts performed.

If you do not agree, or wish to deviate from these requirements, then you are not a good fit to be working with Kitty.